Lead Developer of Passenger2 answers key questions in new video

Following the initial announcement a few days ago of Passenger2, an upcoming state-of-the-art passenger simulation add-on for flight simulators, Lead Developer Scott Thompson has now addressed the most frequently asked questions from the community in a video posted on the project’s Facebook page.

As detailed in our initial report, Passenger2 seeks to provide a realistic simulation of passenger reactions and services during flights, with compatibility across popular flight simulators like MSFS, P3D, X-Plane, and FSX.

In the newly released video, Thompson delves further into the operational aspects of Passenger2. The software will bring a new layer of realism to flight simulators by simulating passenger care and services in flights. For example, Thompson explained that users can manually initiate food and drink service or allow Passenger2 to automate this process based on the state of the flight. He further clarified that the program would let users design an in-flight menu, set item prices, and manage stock inventory. This added level of realism extends to duty-free services, where users will need to manage stock and consider profit margins.

In response to compatibility questions, Thompson confirmed that Passenger2 will sync with GSX, the popular add-on that provides ground services for the aircraft. Passenger2 will be aware of the flight’s state, aligning its systems and announcements with various flight phases, such as taxiing, pushing back, take-off, in-flight, and landing.

Another unique feature Thompson highlighted is Passenger2’s advanced, AI-generated, multilingual announcements. These announcements promise a human-like quality, based on real-world scripts. Users can choose the languages in which announcements are made, allowing for more customization based on their flight routes.

As for platform compatibility, Thompson stated that at present, Passenger2 will only support PC. The reason is its standalone application nature, which makes integration into Xbox a more complex task. However, he didn’t exclude future expansion to other platforms.

Lastly, in addressing comparisons to FSPassengers, Thompson was assertive. The aim for Passenger2 is to be superior in every aspect, including more features, a higher level of realism, and a much more modern user interface. His ultimate goal is to make Passenger2 the most advanced passenger simulator in the market.

This is clearly an ambitious project that seeks to revolutionize the existing passenger simulation options available for MSFS and other simulators. The developer is keenly communicating with the community and sharing detailed updates as the product nears its release. We will closely follow this project to determine if it fulfills the promises being made. At this time, there’s no information about a potential release timeframe.