Orbx releases Idaho’s Deadly 3: Dewey Moore, Simonds, and Vines Airstrips for MSFS

Orbx has released a pretty exciting new project for Microsoft Flight Simulator that is perfectly suitable for bush pilots. Idaho is known for the countless remote and challenging airstrips that are often the only point of access to the backcountry, making this an absolute paradise for bush pilots. Of the many landing spots available in the state, some are more known than others for the special challenge they impose, as is the case with Dewey Moore, Simonds, and Vines airstrips. Orbx is now bringing them all together to MSFS in a single, highly-detailed and immersive package!

Idaho’s Deadly 3: Dewey Moore, Simonds, and Vines Airstrips for MSFS are a creation of developer Milo Taylor, who is quite familiar with the area. In fact, he has previously brought us other nearby airfields under the Orbx umbrella: 85U Soldiers Bar and McCall Municipal Airport. Taylor is curating a perfect suite of destinations to traverse Idaho’s secluded wilderness!

Orbx idaho airstrips msfs 15

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Dewey Moore, Simonds, and Vines airstrips are legendary among bush pilots. Each airstrip poses its distinct challenges, demanding precision navigation amidst never-ending mountains and deep valleys. Dewey Moore is the shortest, boasting a 700ft uphill slope with an approach from the east, while Simonds tempts pilots with a 900ft uphill slope, approached from the southeast. Vines, the longest of the trio, stretches out to 1000ft and also requires an eastern approach.

For those seeking an added thrill, Rush Point Creek Fire Lookout is also included and offers both a makeshift helipad for emergencies and a STOL landing zone. However, pilots should exercise extreme caution; the steep uphill ridge landing from the north is not for the faint of heart.

Beyond the airstrips, the “Deadly 3” serves as a gateway to other notable locations, including the aforementioned 85U Soldier Bar and KMYL Mcall Municipal Airport. It’s also an ideal package for users of //42’s excellent Campout Utility.

Orbx idaho airstrips msfs 8

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Other features to look out for:

  • Rangers have reported a high number of aerial predators at most locations. Beware of approach. Consider going around if possible.
  • Recreational pilots are known for flying drones for aerial footage. Keep an eye out!
  • Try not to disturb the wildlife. Fishing spots are available. The word is the salmon is really jumping this time of year.
  • A couple of backcountry pilots about. Some have maps at camp if you are unsure of the area.
  • Extensive vegetation overhaul for a complete immersive experience.
  • Substantial terraforming to recreate real-world terrain.
  • Airstrip ICAOs have been universalized due to all not having one – IDDM, IDSM, and IDVN.
  • Many custom animations to bring the scenery alive – Ducks, salmon, drones, and eagles.

Whether you’re looking to test your piloting skills against challenging terrains or soaking in the picturesque Idaho Backcountry, this package promises something for every aviation enthusiast. Prepare your best STOL aircraft and get ready to fly deep into Idaho… and staying there to enjoy the scenery!

Idaho’s Deadly 3” is available now from Orbx, priced at just around $13.00 USD.