Dunedin Airport, in New Zealand, is XWind’s first ever add-on for MSFS

iniBuilds is running a selection of Summer Surprises this week that have brought us some great discounts in addons for Microsoft Flight Simulator as well as surprising new releases. After featuring KwikFlight’s first aircraft, the B-2 Spirit, iniBuilds published today the first project from XWind Studios, a new team that is making a debut in MSFS with a cool new airport in New Zealand’s South Island: NZDN Dunedin Airport.

Dunedin Airport, also known as Momona Airport, is an international airport located in the Otago region of New Zealand’s South Island. It serves not only Dunedin city but also the broader Otago and Southland regions. The airport is one of two international airports in Otago, the other being the well-known Queenstown International Airport.

Dunedin Airport offers a unique blend of scenic beauty and aviation challenges that make it another interesting airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The airport’s geographic diversity, featuring mountains, coastlines, and plains, promises visually stunning approaches and departures. Its dual role as both an international and regional airport provides MSFS users with a versatile flying experience, accommodating everything from short-haul domestic flights to longer international routes.

The airport’s proximity to other notable airports like Queenstown International adds another layer of interest, allowing for multi-leg journeys and regional exploration. The variable and sometimes challenging weather conditions in the Otago region also make Dunedin a perfect training ground for pilots looking to hone their skills in different meteorological scenarios.

XWind’s work looks quite promising in this first release from the team. Highly detailed satellite imagery, an up-to-date layout, hand-made animated jetways, terminal interiors, and very cool external features such as… dozens of cows! Besides, it’s exceptionally affordable!

NZDN Dunedin Airport MSFS 11.png

NZDN Dunedin Airport MSFS 9.png

NZDN Dunedin Airport MSFS 8.png

NZDN Dunedin Airport MSFS 7.png

NZDN Dunedin Airport MSFS 6.png

NZDN Dunedin Airport MSFS 5.png

NZDN Dunedin Airport MSFS 4.png

NZDN Dunedin Airport MSFS 3.png

NZDN Dunedin Airport MSFS 2.png

NZDN Dunedin Airport MSFS 1.png

Key Features:

  • Highly detailed, up to date surrounding imagery
  • Accurate simulation featuring a custom ground polygon with a 2023 layout
  • Hand-made animated jetways
  • HD PBR models
  • Basic terminal and hangar interiors
  • Accurate model recreation and surrounding scenery placement
  • Created with performance in mind

Dunedin Airport from Wind Studios is available now from the iniBuilds Store, priced at just £5.99.