Edinburgh Airport (EGPH) now available for MSFS

Just in time for the weekend, Pyreegue Dev Co. released today its recreation of Edinburgh Airport, in Scotland. We knew it was coming this week, and the developers didn’t fail on their promise.

The highlight of this release is probably the amount of work that Pyreegue put into modeling the terminal interiors. Most simmers will probably ignore most of this effort and attention to detail, but it’s nonetheless very nice to see the interior of the airport when pushing back from a gate.

Overall, we are looking into an up-to-date, accurate and very detailed scenery that respects the current 2021 layout, including the Turnhouse Apron and new parking lot. Custom animations have also been added, especially when it comes to the jetways and ATC radar.

Pyreegue Dev Co. also took the care to include a series of landmarks nearby, for that extra level of realism when departing or arriving at EGPH, so expect to see some familiar accommodations such as Moxy, Hilton and Hampton hotels, among others.

EGPH Edinburgh Airport is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator for $21.97.

EGPH Edinburgh Airport MSFS 8

EGPH Edinburgh Airport MSFS 7

EGPH Edinburgh Airport MSFS 6

EGPH Edinburgh Airport MSFS 5

EGPH Edinburgh Airport MSFS 3.jpg

EGPH Edinburgh Airport MSFS 2

EGPH Edinburgh Airport MSFS 1

Main Features

  • Completely modeled terminal interior with executive lounges
  • Custom Animated Jetways with dynamic hood fitting every aircraft perfectly
  • Custom Ground polygons with hundreds of markings and accurate weathering
  • 2021 layout with the Turnhouse Apron, New Long Term Parking, New FastPark service.
  • Custom night lighting
  • PBR texturing on all objects
  • LODs and texture resolution optimized for smooth performance
  • Animated vehicles on aprons
  • Default ATC/AI Traffic integration
  • Parallax windows on key objects to simulate interior
  • Surroundings included, such as Moxy, Hilton, Hampton, Holiday Inn, Royal Highland Centre, Spitfire Memorial, Almond House and many others
  • Animated Archimedes Screws (Drainage system near Gate 14)
  • Animated ATC Radars abeam Runway 06/24

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