Orbx releases KMYL McCall Municipal Airport for MSFS

Orbx has released a new airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and it’s one that will be especially appealing to bush pilots! McCall Municipal Airport, in Idaho, is now available and invites MSFS simmers to explore Idaho’s backcountry in search of adventures!

It’s interesting that KMYL McCall Airport is out just a few days after the release of one of the best bush planes in MSFS. The PZL-104 Wilga, from Got Friends, is the perfect machine to take on Idaho’s short and unprepared runways, which makes KMYL a great option for a new airport purchase for those who’ve been enjoying the Wilga!

However, McCall Municipal Airport is more than just an entrance into Idaho’s small airstrips. It’s actually quite popular as a general aviation hub, attracting both small piston airplanes and private jets, thanks to the many wealthy people who’ve been drawn to the area in recent years. KMYL is also home to the United States Fire Service Smokejumper Base, so you’ll see plenty of firefighting aircraft parked around.

KMYL McCall Airport MSFS 6

KMYL McCall Airport MSFS 5

KMYL McCall Airport MSFS 4

KMYL McCall Airport MSFS 3

KMYL McCall Airport MSFS 2

This airport was created by Mark “Milo” Taylor, who put a lot of work into making this location as realistic and authentic as possible in Microsoft Flight Simulator. There are many dozens of custom objects that were specifically created for this scenery, along with very detailed textures throughout and multiple static aircraft.

KMYL McCall Municipal Airport is definitely a great starting point to explore Idaho’s backcountry, and it’s now available through Orbx Direct, priced at around $19.

Main Features:

  • Realistic ground and apron texturing, which includes the recent apron resurfacing
  • Realistic Night Lighting
  • PBR texturing throughout
  • Extensive level of detail work for superb performance
  • Multiple custom static aircraft which includes Coulson 737 Fireliner, Neptune Bae 146, Erikson and HTS Skycranes, plus many native GA registrations
  • Airport specific windsocks
  • 160+ custom objects
  • Many custom animations, which included wind-affected flags.
  • Hand placed vegetation
  • Developed by Mark “Milo” Taylor