Just Flight is back in full force working on the Avro Vulcan for MSFS

Just Flight has released a new development update concerning its Avro Vulcan for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This update comes after the team’s recent focus on the F28 Professional, and now that it’s in the post-release phase, the team is back to focusing on the mighty Vulcan.

The last time we heard about this project, the team was recording sounds from a real-world Vulcan and shared a video that provided a fascinating insight into the efforts of the XM655 Maintenance and Preservation Society to preserve their beloved aircraft, and how this enables Just Flight to bring it to MSFS in a superbly detailed fashion.

Now, in the latest development update, Just Flight has shared that their modelling and texturing artists have been hard at work fixing any bugs as well as adding some new features and customisation options that weren’t present in their previous simulations of the Vulcan. They still have a couple of new additions to add, which will be revealed in a future in-development update.

The latest images of the Vulcan, which you can see below, showcase the impressive visuals that Just Flight has managed to implement so far both inside and out!

Just Flight Avro Vulcan MSFS 8.PNG

Just Flight Avro Vulcan MSFS 7.PNG

Just Flight Avro Vulcan MSFS 6.PNG

Just Flight Avro Vulcan MSFS 5.PNG

Just Flight Avro Vulcan MSFS 4.PNG

Their livery artist has now supplied all 18 liveries that will be included in the Vulcan package. These highly detailed 8K liveries cover the Vulcan’s many operational squadrons from early in its service life, right the way through to its final retirement from the RAF Vulcan Display Flight in 1992. A significant amount of research has been undertaken to ensure all liveries are as accurate as possible with period-correct roundels, squadron logos, and equipment configurations.

Just Flight revealed that work on the system’s coding has been temporarily halted in the run-up to the F28 Professional release, but will resume shortly. The aircraft is already in an advanced state with the majority of systems already functional, so the remainder of the time allotted for systems coding will be spent fine-tuning the code and adding new features. Just Flight is very confident that this will be the most complete simulation of a Vulcan bomber that has ever been developed for a flight simulator!

Just Flight Avro Vulcan MSFS 3.PNG

Just Flight Avro Vulcan MSFS 2.PNG

Just Flight Avro Vulcan MSFS 1.PNG

Just Flight Avro Vulcan MSFS 10.PNG

The required work on integrating the Vulcan’s iconic sound set into the simulator is also due to begin in the coming weeks which promises to raise the bar for sound quality in MSFS. Just Flight has done tremendous work with the sounds of its airplanes, as we saw in the F28, which sounds absolutely fantastic!

As for the flight model, work has continued with special emphasis taken on replicating the Vulcan’s unique flight characteristics, including the ability to hold the nose wheel off the ground during the landing roll to provide aerodynamic braking.

Just Flight continues to ramp up development on the mighty Vulcan, and we can’t wait to see (and hear!) the final product. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project!