The Azores get some much-deserved attention in MSFS with Seafront Simulations’ new Vessels pack

The promise of flight simulation, especially with Microsoft Flight Simulator, is not only in the thrill of mastering an aircraft but also in the exploration of stunning landscapes and geography that our planet has to offer. MSFS has allowed us to virtually explore these locations, unlocking experiences that merge the digital and physical worlds. Such is the case with the Azores, an absolutely striking archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean that just got some much-deserved attention from the folks at Seafront Simulations!

Seafront Simulations’ latest expansion pack, ‘Vessels: The Azores‘ continues the developer’s path toward more realistic and lively coastal areas in Microsoft Flight Simulator. It offers simmers a recreation of the Azores’ maritime activities, from fishing boats to ferries and cruise lines. This expansion covers the coastline of all nine main islands, including Ilha das Flores and Corvo in the west; the central islands of Graciosa, Terceira, São Jorge, Pico, and Faial; and São Miguel, Santa Maria, and the Formigas islets to the east.

Seafront Simulations Vessels Azores MSFS 5

Seafront Simulations Vessels Azores MSFS 4

The Azores, is a mosaic of dramatic landscapes, idyllic fishing villages, and green countryside. Each of its nine main islands encapsulates unique natural beauty and has a story to tell. It’s unfortunate that the Azores missed out on Portugal’s scenery overhaul included with the Iberian World Update, as this archipelago definitely deserves more. Seafront Simulations’ new release is a much-appreciated step towards giving the Azores the attention it rightly deserves in the simulator!

In my visits to the Azores, I’ve always been struck by the maritime life near the archipelago. Seafront Simulations attempts to capture this essence, introducing over 500 moving leisure and commercial vessels near and around the islands. From moving, landable cruise ships to the local ferry services operating their usual routes, the seas around the Azores are now teeming with a new level of detail and authenticity.

Seafront Simulations Vessels Azores MSFS 2

Seafront Simulations Vessels Azores MSFS 1

For example, the Pico Island, home to the awe-inspiring 2,351m Mount Pico, is one of the islands’ most striking landmarks. Now, after a takeoff from Aeroporto Do Pico (LPPI), simmers can witness the impressive recreation of the marinas, ports, and harbors that line the coastline, forming an integral part of the local tourism and commerce.

Vessels The Azores comes with a host of key features that include high-quality PBR models, smoke and wake effects, and night and navigation lighting. There are also landable cruise ships, which offer exciting opportunities for helicopter pilots to simulate real-world missions in the area.

Vessels: The Azores is now available from Contrail and the MSFS Marketplace, priced at just around $13.00 | €11,00.

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