The Cicaré 8 helicopter from Fast Cow Productions is coming soon to MSFS

During last month’s FlightSimExpo, Fast Cow Productions announced their latest project – an officially licensed version of the Cicaré 8 helicopter for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This development follows a cooperative agreement between Fast Cow Productions, Cicaré USA, and Pro Flight Trainer LLC, which will result in a faithful representation of the helicopter in MSFS and the development of custom flight control hardware.

The Cicaré 8, a lightweight helicopter, recently made a comeback in the U.S. market through Cicaré USA, after establishing a solid reputation in the experimental market. Fast Cow Productions seized this opportunity to integrate the Cicaré 8 into their portfolio, promising an accurate representation of the aircraft for MSFS users.

The Cicaré 8 will feature two different engines – the Rotax 915 iS series engine and the more powerful 916 iS. Both engines are currently used in real-life Cicaré 8 helicopters, with the 916 offering a slightly sportier experience.

Fast Cow Productions also revealed their ongoing work on simulating aircraft failures. Leveraging the Pilot’s Operating Handbook and adjusting parameters for the simulator, the developer is trying to establish a balance between real-world mechanics and the simulated environment.

Apart from the Cicaré 8, the developer is also working on a Cicaré SVH-4 helicopter trainer simulation. The SVH-4, designed for ground-based training, allows users to learn helicopter operation without the expense and risk of actual flights, potentially revolutionizing flight training methodologies.

There’s little information about this project besides the developer’s short presentation at FSExpo and the couple of videos that you can see here. The project seems fairly advanced at this stage so we should probably expect to hear about release plans and pricing soon!