Orbx Releases KSMF Sacramento Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Orbx and independent developer Matteo Veneziani have announced the release of Sacramento International Airport (KSMF) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This new custom scenery invites simmers to discover the charm of California’s bustling capital city and its vital aviation hub, located in the state’s fertile Central Valley.

Sacramento Airport has been a vital connection point since its establishment in 1967. Today, it acts as a key gateway to numerous iconic destinations, including Yosemite National Park and Lake Tahoe, and is well connected to cities such as Burbank, Phoenix Sky-Harbor, and Santa Barbara, among others. With more than 12 million passengers passing through its two terminals in 2022 alone, KSMF is an important new airport that simmers flying on the West Coast will value in their collection.

Serving as a hub for Southwest Airlines, the airport also accommodates major airlines such as American Airlines, Delta, United, and Alaska Airlines. This variety of carriers ensures a broad range of flight paths for simmers to explore, from local hops to long-haul flights across the country.

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Typically from Matteo Veneziani, this new airport impresses with its level of detail, showcasing the distinctive features of KSMF. Here you’ll find realistic ground markings and textures that faithfully replicate the airport’s layout, as well as animated jetways with immersive sound effects.

Beyond its physical features, Sacramento Airport has also been enhanced with dynamic lighting, creating a living, breathing airport environment that evolves with the time of day and weather conditions. Custom airport clutter, ground service equipment, and realistic taxiway signs add another layer of accuracy to the scenery.

An interesting feature that can be found in this rendition of KSMF is the animated train. This unique feature adds a kinetic element to the airport’s atmosphere, adding immersion to the scenery and something cool to look at! You will also be able to look into the interior of the terminals which, while basic, give pilots a more complete perspective of the airport, especially when taxiing or at the gate.

This is the latest feather in the cap for Matteo Veneziani, who has already established a reputation for creating incredibly detailed, varied, and realistic environments for MSFS, such as Chester Airport, Hollywood Burbank Airport, or Skiathos.

KSMF Sacramento International Airport is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Grab it now through Orbx Direct, where it’s priced at $20.06 | €18,28 | £15.63.