Orbx releases Chester Airport, in Connecticut, for MSFS

Orbx has released a new small airport for the US territory in Microsoft Flight Simulator. After bringing us a wide selection of LA helipads, the Australian publisher has now launched for MSFS the latest project from developer Matteo Veneziani: KSNC Chester Airport.

Chester Airport is located in the state of Connecticut, 5km southwest of Chester. It’s a small private airfield with a single 2,566 ft runway, but it’s open for public use for those who require it. The majority of the traffic consists of general aviation operations.

The runway in this airport has a moderate slope that is easily visible in Orbx’s product images. Besides, the apron sits about 3 meters below the runway, which means access taxiways are also sloped. Orbx says that all of these unique features of the airfield have been modeled in this virtual rendition for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

KSNC Chester Airport MSFS 8

KSNC Chester Airport MSFS 7

KSNC Chester Airport MSFS 6

KSNC Chester Airport MSFS 4

KSNC Chester Airport MSFS 3

KSNC Chester Airport MSFS 2

KSNC Chester Airport MSFS 1

Chester Airport is surrounded by long stretches of the New England countryside, which makes for a scenic arrival at the airfield. Besides, New York is only around 80 miles away, so this may also be an excellent airport to get if you like to fly along the East Coast and explore the richness of this territory!

KSNC Chester Airport is now available from Orbx Direct, priced at $9.68 | €9,04 | £8.02.

Main Features:

  • Custom groundpoly with sloped runway & taxiways
  • Conditional display of objects according to weather or time-of-day
  • 4k textures with PBR
  • Developed by Matteo Veneziani