MK-STUDIOS releases Ireland’s Shannon Airport, the world’s first duty-free airport

MK-STUDIOS has a new airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and it’s one with a rich history in the world of aviation. Shannon Airport (EINN), in the Republic of Ireland, is now out for MSFS, bringing the world’s first duty-free airport to the simulator.

Shannon Airport is the third busiest in Ireland and currently serves mostly routes to other British isles. However, it still handles a good amount of transatlantic flights, which have made the airport famous over the year. In fact, Shannon Airport played a pioneering role in the early days of the transatlantic service, connecting Europe to the United States through flying boats, and later as a strategic refueling stopover for intercontinental flights.

Interestingly, Shannon Airport was also the first to offer duty-free shopping, in 1947. Other airports around the world used this model to create their own duty and tax-free shopping experiences.

Shannon Airport MSFS 9

Shannon Airport MSFS 8

Shannon Airport MSFS 7

Shannon Airport MSFS 6

Shannon Airport MSFS 5

Shannon Airport MSFS 4

Shannon Airport MSFS 3

Shannon Airport MSFS 2

Shannon Airport MSFS 1

MK-STUDIOS has made a good variety of airports for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Shannon Airport is actually the third Irish project from the team, after their renditions of Dublin and Cork airports.

For this particular scenery, the developers promise a high-quality rendition of EINN, featuring an updated ground layout, improved satellite imagery, realistic lighting, and more. Expect a significantly improved scenery that makes justice to the real location, both inside and out: terminal interiors have been modeled, which always looks nice from the cockpit when parked at the gate.

EINN Shannon Airport is now available for MSFS, priced at just around 13€ through Contrail.

Main Features:

  • High-quality rendition of Shannon Airport EINN
  • Up to date ground layout
  • Realistic night lightning
  • Satellite coverage around the airport
  • Detailed mesh for the airports’ area