Gaya Simulations announces free Ground Support Equipment update for all its airports

Gaya Simulations has been making some stunning airports for Microsoft Flight Simulator, both standalone payware packages and also as a broader development partner of MSFS, working on the World Updates to create bespoke airports and POI’s that greatly enhance the scenery of each specific focus region.

Gaya has been mainly releasing European airports, save for Block Island State Airport, the first US scenery created by the team. With a very exciting product roadmap that includes London Stansted or Munich airports, the developers have now announced an interesting update that will soon come to all Gaya’s airports: Gaya GSE – Ground Support Equipment.

This free update will bring a variety of realistic and functional ground service vehicles exclusively to all Gaya airports, with no impact on other airports. In the short teaser video released by Gaya, we can see a few high-quality vehicles handling a new arrival flight at a gate in Florence Airport, although it’s unclear how this functionality will work.




It’s also unclear if this will only work with Gaya’s payware airports or if will also apply to the ones the team worked on in collaboration with the MSFS team, such as Zurich airport, released for free in the GOTY Edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Gaya Simulations didn’t provide much information about this new feature besides a short announcement and teaser, so stay tuned to learn more once further details become available.