LIRQ Florence Airport released by Gaya Simulations – their best yet!

Less than two weeks after announcing its development, Gaya Simulations released today what they say it’s probably their best airport yet. Considering the high quality we are used to from Gaya Simulations, this is going to be an exciting new release!

Picked out with Microsoft Flight Simulator in mind, Florence’s Airport is just minutes from the city centre, perfect for low-and-slow VFR scenic flights or convenient tourist travel from abroad to and from one of the Renaissance’s great hubs in aircraft ranging 152s to A320s. Florence is also very popular for business travellers.

An Italian hub for Vueling and offering flights across Europe both seasonally and year-round, Florence is the perfect product for Microsoft Flight Simulator – offering a variety of airline and general aviation traffic, plus a challenging approach and proximity to a beautifully recreated cityscape in MSFS !

Now available from Orbx Direct, for $26.79 | €16,20 | £14.68

Main Features

  • A details-focused rendition of Florence Airport (LIRQ).
  • Fully optimised for ultra-smooth performance.
  • Includes custom animations.
  • Many custom-made POIs in and around the airport.
  • Proximity to the historic Renaissance centre of Florence.
  • High-quality 3D assets dotted around the city for an ultra-realistic experience.
  • Incredible yet challenging approach bordered by the nearby Monte Morello.
  • Central location in Italy, in the heart of Tuscany.