Lisbon Airport is now available for MSFS, by MK-STUDIOS

MK-STUDIOS is on a roll this month, with the release of three new airports so far for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After Rovaniemi and Helsinki airports, the team now turns to sunnier southern Europe, more specifically to the capital city of Portugal. Lisbon’s Humberto Delgado Airport, or simply Lisbon Airport, is now available for MSFS.

Lisbon Airport (LPPT) is one of the busiest in Europe, with over 30 million passengers served in 2019. It has seen very significant growth over the last decade, powering Portugal’s recent surge as a very popular tourism destination. It’s the main hub of Portugal’s flag carrier TAP Air Portugal and one of the most important European hubs connecting to South America.

Lisbon Airport is now operating at full capacity, and there is a plan to build a new airport in the city’s vicinity to accommodate for future traffic growth. Those plans are currently on hold due to environmental concerns, so LPPT continues to be stretched to new limits nearly every year.

LPPT Lisbon Lisboa Airport MSFS 5

LPPT Lisbon Lisboa Airport MSFS 4

LPPT Lisbon Lisboa Airport MSFS 3

LPPT Lisbon Lisboa Airport MSFS 2

LPPT Lisbon Lisboa Airport MSFS 1

MK-STUDIOS doesn’t provide much information about its depiction of Lisbon’s Airport, other than the use of high-definition PBR textures, updated satellite imagery, and even a simplified terminal interior. In any case, it will certainly be a big upgrade over the default scenery, especially when paired with Lisbon Megapack, a freeware scenery package that significantly improves the overall cityscape with its most famous and recognizable landmarks. The approach over the Tagus river and the city center is very scenic and deserves to be experienced with the best scenery available in MSFS!

LPPT Lisbon Airport is now available through Contrail, priced at around €19,00.

Main Features:

  • Lisbon Airport in very detailed rendition
  • High definition PBR textures
  • Up to date airport layout
  • Satellite image for the airport area
  • Mesh
  • Simplified terminal interior

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