Aerosoft previews Berlin Brandenburg Airport for MSFS

Besides the ongoing work with the CRJ and the Twin Otter (among many other things), Aerosoft is also working on a custom-built Berlin Brandenburg Airport for Flight Simulator.

Initially announced last October, the team has been slowly sharing some details and images of the upcoming scenery, showing how the new technologies made available in MSFS can greatly enhance the look and feel of an airport.

The latest images show the highly detailed sloped terrain in and around the airport, which supposedly can be felt during taxiing down to the drainage slopes. There’s also a sneak-peek into the night environment, showcasing the new lighting system in MSFS that allows for more immersive night lighting.

Additionally, there’s a preliminary feature list that was previously shared, giving us an idea on what to expect:

•    Year 2020 layout of taxiways, aprons, buildings etc.
•    Models using advanced MSFS techniques
•    Ground terrain using advanced MSFS techniques
•    Operable jetways
•    Custom aerial imagery covering the airport and immediate area
•    Landmark buildings and bridges in the vicinity of the airport
•    Realistic night time dynamic lighting

See the detail about the “operable jetways”. There’s actually a video now showing this in action, shared on the official Aerosoft Forums by the development team:

This is bound to be the biggest airport release from Aerosoft yet for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. After all, Brandenburg is a brand new International airport that is set to become one of Europe’s busiest. In the meantime, if you like Aerosoft’s work with airports in MSFS, make sure to check out the previously released Cologne/Bonn Airport, Augsburg, or even the excellent (and free!) Paderborn Airport.

There’s no clue about a release date yet, but stay tuned for further news. We’re sure our German friends will love this!