New images of Aerosoft’s Twin Otter for MSFS, release expected later this year

The people over at Aerosoft are certainly very busy with the final touches on the CRJ before its release just a little over a week from now. That doesn’t mean they’re disregarding other ongoing projects, and this week we had a chance to take a further sneak-peek into the progress of the Twin Otter which, following the CRJ, should be the second Aerosoft release for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator.

We’ve seen some images from the Twin Otter before, but these new ones show the airplane in a state we haven’t seen before, at least when it comes to the external model. There’s some really impressive detail here, with high-quality textures and a good dose of dirt and dust, well suited to the typical environments where the Twin Otter operates.

Aerosoft’s Mathijs Kok shared this progress on the official forums, also stating that the work on the standard wheeled model is coming to an end, with the remaining versions (floats, etc), coming next.

There’s also the hint that a series of tutorials videos will be created for the Twin Otter, in the same way that they’re being created by The Dude for the CRJ.

Hopefully, with the release of the CRJ, this project can start moving at a faster pace, although we also know that Aerosoft is working on the Airbus for MSFS. In any case, it seems the release is expected to happen some time later this year, possibly in the fall.