Aerosoft releases Augsburg Airport for MSFS

Aerosoft has released another airport in their home country. This time it’s Augsburg Airport, in Germany, closely located to the city of the same name, and mainly used for GA and business flights.

This new release from Aerosoft showcases the latest SDK features in Flight Simulator, which allow some really high quality graphics and textures in everything from runways to taxiways, buildings, and more.

Augsburg Airport (EDMA) follows up on previous releases from Aerosoft to MSFS, like the also German Cologne/Bonn Airport and Aerosoft’s very own home airport, the excellent (and free!) Paderborn Airport.

Augsburg Airport is now available for around 15€.

On a side note, remember: Aerosoft is on the verge of releasing what is probably the most anticipated third party aircraft for MSFS so far: the CRJ Series!


  • Detailed representation of Augsburg Airport
  • PBR textures for all objects and for the ground poly
  • Photorealistic ground using high-resolution aerial imagery (20cm/px)
  • Dynamic lighting for the whole airport
  • Manual included

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