Navigraph announces real-time Weather Layers in Charts 8

Navigraph has been on a roll lately with numerous exciting updates to its popular service that is now a staple in the virtual aviation community. From the re-designed SimBrief interface to the introduction of Charts 8 on mobile devices and the increased native support of the service on some of the most popular airplanes in MSFS, Navigraph continues to invest in its vision. And the latest update is another great and much-requested one: Weather Layers in Charts 8!

The latest version of Navigraph’s Charts 8 brings a variety of dynamic weather layers, delivering in-depth and up-to-the-minute meteorological insights. These include AIRSIGMET / CWA and wind barbs, radar and convective cloud layers, and much more, each presenting essential information that can significantly impact flight planning and decision-making for VFR and IFR flight simmers.

For instance, the radar feature enables pilots to monitor real-time precipitation and storm activity, with a 2-hour playback that facilitates anticipation of weather conditions for their flights. Pilots can also stay informed about significant weather hazards such as thunderstorms, turbulence, and icing across their route with AIRSIGMET/CWA data. Another layer displays METAR data with real-time meteorological aerodrome report information such as temperature, dewpoint, wind, and ceiling to gauge current weather conditions at airports around the world.

Navigraph Charts Weather radar layers 1

Navigraph Charts Weather radar layers 2

Navigraph Charts Weather radar layers 4

Additional layers help identify potential turbulence, understand the severity of icing conditions, visualize areas of precipitation and their severity, evaluate cloud coverage, and comprehend regional temperatures through International Standard Atmosphere temperature variations.

Navigraph has published detailed information about this new feature of Charts 8 that you should definitely check out!

Weather Layers in Charts 8 is available to all pilots with a personal Navigraph Account and an active Navigraph Unlimited subscription. At launch, Weather Layers will not be available in the Charts In-Game Panel in Microsoft Flight Simulator, but the team is actively researching the possibility to include radar, METAR, and AIRSIGMET / CWA in upcoming releases.

For a demonstration of Weather Layers in Navigraph’s Charts 8, tune in next Friday on what’s happening at FSExpo, where the team will give attendees an opportunity to witness how this groundbreaking addition enhances the flight simulation experience. The presentation will be streamed from Navigraph’s Twitch and YouTube channels and is scheduled to take place at 21:00 UTC.