Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Greek Islands with iniScene’s Chios Airport for MSFS

iniScene has released this week its latest airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator: Chios Airport (LGHI). This breathtaking new addition to the iniBuilds collection offers simmers a chance to discover the enchanting Greek island of Chios, known for its rich history, picturesque medieval villages, and home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Chios Airport, situated in the Northern Aegean Sea, serves as a perfect gateway for exploring the Greek islands and operating flights with a variety of airlines, including Olympic Air and Sky Express. With daily flights from Athens and Thessaloniki, as well as numerous smaller airports, the island of Chios offers an enticing destination for simmers who enjoy flying short hops.

The 5,000-foot north/south runway at Chios Airport can handle aircraft up to the size of an Airbus A320. iniScene has gone above and beyond to create an immersive environment at the airport, boasting an array of impressive features:

  • Hand-made ground textures with detailed, bespoke texture sets 
  • True-to-life airport land side recreation with custom ground decals, signposts, vegetation, parking barriers and more
  • Accurate real-world decals and advertisements scattered throughout the airport to promote a true to life feeling
  • Accurately placed lighting
  • Surrounding objects including shops and boats
  • Hand-placed ground service equipment scattered throughout
LGHI Chios Island MSFS 4.png

LGHI Chios Island MSFS 3.png

LGHI Chios Island MSFS 2.png

With the release of Chios Airport for MSFS, you can now explore the captivating island of Chios in unprecedented detail, adding a new dimension to your flight simming adventures! One can hope that Greece will eventually be the target of a World Update and receive a much-deserved global scenery overhaul in MSFS.

LGHI Chios Island is now available at the iniBuilds store, priced at £6.99 (€7.92 / $8.58).