VueloSimple releases Salta Airport for MSFS, a gateway to the Argentine Andes

VueloSimple is back with a new South American airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Salta Airport (SASA), officially known as Aeropuerto Internacional Martin Miguel de Guemes, is located in the north of Argentina and serves as the main hub to this part of the Andes, the world’s longest mountain range!

VueloSimple has been making some interesting airports for South America in MSFS, which is always great to see given the beauty of the territory… and the apparent lack of interest in it from big developers. The developer has also worked hard to improve the quality of each new scenery.

Salta Airport is particularly well-located for those looking to explore a stunning new mountainous region in the world. This is Argentina’s main gateway into the Andes, the massive mountain range that stretches for 8,900 km. Prepare to see beautiful views of the highest peaks in the world outside of Asia!

SASA Salta Airport MSFS 17

SASA Salta Airport MSFS 16

SASA Salta Airport MSFS 15

SASA Salta Airport MSFS 14

SASA Salta Airport MSFS 13

SASA Salta Airport MSFS 12

SASA Salta Airport MSFS 11

SASA Salta Airport MSFS 10

SASA Salta Airport MSFS 9

SASA Salta Airport MSFS 8

SASA Salta Airport MSFS 7

SASA Salta Airport MSFS 6

SASA Salta Airport MSFS 5

SASA Salta Airport MSFS 4

SASA Salta Airport MSFS 3

SASA Salta Airport MSFS 1

Salta Airport is also closely located to other countries like Chile, Bolivia, and Paraguay. Since the airport is fully capable of handling your common Boeing or Airbus airliner, there are plenty of commercial routes available that provide impressive views over the Andes and challenging approaches to high-altitude airports. Obviously, GA pilots are also in for a treat with all the impressive scenery nearby.

VueloSimple is now inviting MSFS simmers to discover this region and experience a much-improved scenery for Salta Airport in the sim. As usual, you’ll find plenty of custom buildings based on the real-world infrastructure, accurate ground markings, animated jetways, and even interior modeling in the Terminal.

VueloSimple’s rendition of Salta Airport stays faithful to the developer’s history of bringing new locations in the world to our attention, improving the flying conditions for those local to the area, and also attracting the interest of simmers from other regions. With the renewed interest in Argentina following the country’s success in the World Cup, this release couldn’t have happened at a better time!

SASA Salta Airport is out now for MSFS, priced at just around €10.


  • Hand Crafted Terminal, control tower and parking area.
  • Colonial building check in area. New boarding and baggage claim sector.
  • Fully operational GA Apron with Flytec FBO and Aviacion Civil Salta FBO.
  • Accurate Main Apron with up to date ground marking and parking.
  • Taxiways and runways re designed.
  • Animated Jetways.
  • Realistic night lighting.
  • LOD (level of detail) optimization for MSFS2020.