Just Flight previews short and long-haul airliner models coming with FS Traffic

Just Flight’s FS Traffic is about to arrive to Microsoft Flight Simulator, promising to revamp the default AI traffic system with fresh new mechanics and improved aircraft models. Just Flight’s developers are in the very final stages of this project and FS Traffic continues on track for a release early in the new year!

Just Flight has shared an increasing number of details about FS Traffic as the release date approaches. From a list of key features to previews of the aircraft models featured in the product, we now know a lot about how FS Traffic will impact the experience in MSFS!

The latest updates from Just Flight before Christmas are once again devoted to the aircraft models. In two separate videos, Just Flight presents the impressively-detailed short-haul and long-haul airplanes, including a variety of liveries, animations, and effects:

It looks fantastic, that’s for sure. These AI aircraft will be a very significant upgrade over the default model, featuring 4K textures, custom animations and effects, and realistic flight profiles based on aircraft type.

Obviously, there’s much more to an AI traffic package than just pretty models. With that in mind, FS Traffic will come with thousands of real-life flight plans with worldwide coverage, covering commercial traffic with routes matching the 2022 summer schedule.

FS Traffic will have to make a good case against existing solutions in the market, such as AIG and FSLTL, which are both free and very good. Just Flight’s solution will arguably be more polished and easy to use – and Just Flight promises good performance with the package installed – but time will tell if simmers will value this over the unbeatable price of the freeware options.