These are the 14 key features of Just Flight’s FS Traffic, coming soon to MSFS

FS Traffic has to be the most anticipated AI traffic package for MSFS at this point. It will be the first payware solution of its kind and will have to compete with popular freeware releases like FSLTL and AIG, but Just Flight promises a lot with this product that is backed by a successful history in older platforms and an impressive set of features!

FS Traffic is now in its final stages of development. According to the latest development update, the team is now mostly dedicated to finding bugs and adding a few final features. All aircraft models and liveries are complete and custom effects and animations have been added, so the core features are ready to launch.

Just Flight is aiming high with FS Traffic, promising “previously unthinkable immersion” thanks to the high-quality AI models and liveries, real-world flight plans, and plenty of customization options, all while still being light on frames.

FS Traffic MSFS liveries 8.PNG

FS Traffic MSFS liveries 7.PNG

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FS Traffic MSFS liveries 4.PNG

FS Traffic MSFS liveries 3.PNG

FS Traffic MSFS liveries 2.PNG

FS Traffic MSFS liveries 1.PNG

While Just Flight polishes the final build (and decides on whether to launch FS Traffic this year on in early 2023), the studio published a detailed list of the 14 key features and benefits simmers will find in FS Traffic. Here’s a quick round-up of what you’ll get:

  1. High-quality models: 48 aircraft models, from regional airliners to the largest long-haulers.
  2. High-quality liveries: Over 700 4K liveries covering more than 270 airlines from all over the world.
  3. FPS-friendly: Minimal impact in the simulator performance with additional options to add further optimizations.
  4. Easy to install: Comes with the standard and familiar Just Flight installer.
  5. Easy to use: Just install FS Traffic and you’re ready to go. An in-sim menu allows selections of setting on the fly and an external app enables adjustment of FS Traffic’s core settings.
  6. Traffic Control Centre: An app that allows users to view and create flight plans, import liveries and 3D models, and much more.
  7. In-Game Menu: A toolbar menu with options to customize the experience without leaving the simulator.
  8. Custom Animations: All aircraft models include custom animations in the flaps, thrust reversers, and spoilers. More to come in future updates.
  9. Custom Effects: All aircraft include effects such as contrails, engine heat blur, exterior lighting, and touchdown smoke.
  10. Flight Plans: FS Traffic will ship with Summer 2022 flight plans, with Summer 2021 and Summer 2019 flight plans added post- release to all FS Traffic users free of charge.
  11. Content to Follow: Additional aircraft models and liveries coming in future updates, free of charge.
  12. Third Party Livery and Model Support: Users can import their own liveries as well as AI models from other third-party traffic programs.
  13. Online Networks: FS Traffic allows for model matching with online networks such as VATSIM.
  14. The Community: Availability to listen to user feedback and feature requests to implement in future updates!