Fly 2 High goes to South Korea: Daegu International Airport now available for MSFS

FLY 2 HIGH has just released its newest airport add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator: Daegu International Airport (RKTN), in South Korea. This is one of the main commercial airports in the countries, handling both domestic and international flights to destinations in Asia, including China, Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand.

FLY 2 HIGH has launched a wide variety of airports from all over the world in Microsoft Flight Simulator and continues to offer new destinations with this latest release. Daegu Airport looks very good in the official promotional materials, with impressive levels of detail across the whole scenery.

One of the standout features of this airport are the hand-made ground texture sets, which include the runways, aprons, paths, and roads. This attention to detail makes the airport look very realistic. Additionally, the terminal interior has been fully modeled and detailed, giving you a chance to leave the aircraft and explore the terminal… if that’s your thing.

FLY 2 HIGH also included custom-built jetways in this airport, which feature realistic variations and PBR texturing and animations. Animations of people and traffic, as well as flags flying in the wind, also add to the overall realism of the airport.

If you’re interested in this airport and can’t live with GSX, you’ll be happy to know that a dedicated profile has been created for this airport, which you can find here.

South Korea can definitely be an interesting country to explore in Flight Simulator. Simmers can expect to encounter varied and often challenging weather conditions, particularly during the summer monsoon season and the winter months, when snow and ice can be a factor. The mountainous terrain of much of the country can also be a challenge, with steep approaches and tough landing conditions in some areas.

FLY 2 HIGH’s rendition of RKTN Daegu International Airport is out now, priced at around $17 through Simmarket.