Watch this stunning first-look preview of the IRIS Simulations Pilatus PC-21, coming soon to MSFS

IRIS Simulations is on the verge of releasing its third airplane for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After the Jabiru and the Tutor T.1, the developer is now finishing up work on the Pilatus PC-21, in a collaborative project with RAAF Virtual.

The latest release estimate for the PC-21 pointed to an early October timeframe. We’re now in the middle of the month and still waiting patiently for the launch… IRIS says that there are only a few final touches remaining and the green light from Pilatus. In the meantime, we got the first video with an early look into the aircraft, which looks stunning in this new rendition for MSFS!

This preview video, which you can watch below, is brought to us by cgaviator, a Youtube channel run by a real-world flight instructor who has been testing the IRIS PC-21. In the video, cgaviator showcases the very impressive 3D model of the aircraft, inside and out, and sets off from Shellharbour Airport (YSHL) on a low-level flight and demonstration of the aircraft’s capabilities:

The video also offers a quick tour of the PC-21’s cockpit. Everything looks very clean, as in a brand-new aircraft, but the development team is still working on this, so we can always see some wear and tear being added. Both the front and rear cockpits are modeled, and there’s an option in the MCP to have the avionics rendered on either one, in case you’d like to switch positions inside.

cgaviator also previews the basic start-up procedures to get the PC-21 up and running, which also serves to hear the impressive engine sounds that have been added to the product. He then goes on to demonstrate the PC-21 agility on some low-level flying, the night lighting in the cockpit, smoke effects, and aerobatic capabilities of this nifty turboprop trainer.

The IRIS PC-21 is definitely looking very good in Microsoft Flight Simulator! This video offers the first preview of this product and raises our expectations even more for this project. Stay tuned for further news about the release, which we hope will happen soon!