UK2000 launches Spaceport America for MSFS, the world’s first purpose-built commercial spaceport

UK2000 has launched a new scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator, but it’s something a little bit different from this developer’s usual products. This time, rather than an airport, UK2000 brings us… a spaceport!

Spaceport America, located in the US state of New Mexico, is the world’s first purpose-built commercial spaceport. It’s licensed by the FAA for aviation operations and currently welcomes a few notable tenants, such as Virgin Galactic, UP Aerospace, and SpinLaunch.

Spaceport America is equipped with a long 12,000 ft runway for horizontal operations and a number of dedicated pads for vertical launches. It has been used to launch many suborbital flights, most notably with Virgin Galactic tourist test flights to the edge of space.

There are no commercial airliner services operating in this spaceport or any general aviation activities of any kind, which makes this a bit of a weird choice as a scenery to develop for MSFS. However, it’s a landmark on its own merit, even if we don’t yet have any aircraft in the sim to make use of Spaceport America’s capabilities…

In any case, this location should now be much more accurate and faithful to the real world thanks to this effort from UK2000. The developer re-created the facility’s striking main building, a dramatic structure in the New Mexico desert that is well worth a visit when flying in the region.

Spaceport America has been built with UK2000’s typical quality standards, with realistic buildings and textures, accurate ground markings, a good variety of small details and, in this particular case, with interior modeling.

Spaceport America us now available from UK2000’s website and Simmarket, priced at just around $8.

UK2000 Spaceport America MSFS 7

UK2000 Spaceport America MSFS 6

UK2000 Spaceport America MSFS 5

UK2000 Spaceport America MSFS 4

UK2000 Spaceport America MSFS 3

UK2000 Spaceport America MSFS 2

UK2000 Spaceport America MSFS 1

Main features:

  • Full detail Buildings
  • Realistic Ground Markings
  • Hi Res ground image
  • Stunning Night Effects
  • High details Airport Vehicles
  • Excellent Frame Rates
  • Full set of signs
  • Fencing
  • Vegatation
  • PBR Materials
  • Internal Tower details
  • Internal Building details and Open Hanger