Check the first cockpit photos of the IRIS PC-21, coming to MSFS in early October

IRIS Simulations surprised us last month with the announcement that the Pilatus PC-21, the turboprop trainer from the famed Swiss manufacturer, was coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator fairly soon. This week we got a more precise launch date confirmation, along with a first look into the impressive virtual cockpit being featured in the IRIS PC-21!

You may remember from our previous article on this aircraft that this is actually a joint partnership between IRIS Simulations and RAAF Virtual, who have brought the old PC-21 model from IRIS Simulations to the modern age. The developer will now publish this overhauled new version for Microsoft Flight Simulator, with a release timeframe now estimated for early October.

The PC-21’s aerobatic capabilities will be open for experimentation for both PC and Xbox simmers, as IRIS Simulations is looking to launch the package on all platforms. Simmers will also be able to enjoy a realistic tandem cockpit, which IRIS just shared with the world with a short selection of very good-looking images!

IRIS PC 21 MSFS cockpit 3

IRIS PC 21 MSFS cockpit 2

The IRIS Simulations/RAAF Virtual PC-21 will come to MSFS with dynamic lighting and authentic systems, along with the great visuals we’ve had the chance to see in the previous teaser images. This has the potential to be one of the most fun airplanes to fly in MSFS, if the developers manage to implement the unique flight model of the aircraft and its aerobatic capabilities.

The PC-21 is now undergoing a limited beta testing stage, which should be helpful for the developers to gather important user feedback as they fine-tune all the aspects of the product before its eventual release in just a few weeks.

In the end, IRIS promises this will be the most accurate PC-21 yet for MSFS, which is unsurprising, considering that the existing version from Deimos is a pretty basic affair… October is just around the corner, so we will soon find out!

IRIS PC 21 MSFS cockpit 1