Here’s the first image of A2A’s Comanche 250 in Microsoft Flight Simulator

A2A Simulations’ mysterious absence in MSFS so far has been the motif for much discussion over the last year and a half, but the team is finally starting to be more open about the current efforts. Thanks to a few recent updates, we now know that they are, in fact, developing for Microsoft Flight Simulator and that their first aircraft to be released will be the Piper Comanche 250.

Scott Gentile, A2A’s owner, recently provided some promising statements concerning the development of the Comanche 250 for MSFS. It will be “wonderful”, he said, with the company’s Accu-Sim technology powering what we’re hoping will be amongst the best GA aircraft releases for the platform.

Albeit A2A continues to not share much information about this project, this week we got something new from an interview provided by Scott Gentile to the PC Pilot magazine.

In the first part of this interview (the second will be published in the next edition of the magazine, in August), Scott talks more about the commercial side of the company’s operations, working with third parties such as the US military. It’s something that has enabled A2A Simulations to develop new technologies that help raise the levels of realism in flight simulation even more, and they hope to bring those learnings to the hobby side of flight simulation in the future.

A2A Simulations Comanche 250 MSFS 1
In case you missed it at the top.

What is perhaps more exciting about this interview is that it also comes with the first clear image of the Comanche 250 in Microsoft Flight Simulator! It shows the external fuselage of the aircraft sitting on the tarmac, with light shining on the empennage behind. It’s not much, but it looks great! As a bonus, there’s also a photo of A2A’s office where we can see the Comanche being worked on, with reference materials on one side and coding on the other.

While A2A’s current and future work in the hobby side of flight simulation will be a theme for the second part of the interview, Scott Gentile did share with us some tidbits about what the team is looking to bring to MSFS with the Comanche 250. It’s nothing new for old acquaintances, but new simmers may not be familiar with this philosophy:

At any point in time, running or not, that Comanche 250 is my responsibility. It’s persistent and there is no pause button. It ages differently based on when it’s being used, how it’s being used, and, the worst thing you can do to an aircraft, if it’s not being used at all. We incorporate this entire experience into our own technology we call “Accu-Sim”. This means any aircraft we design with Accu-Sim is created through a process that ultimately makes a machine come to life inside a personal computer“, says Scott in the interview.

Note that A2A is the de-facto owner of a Piper Comanche 250, which is the exact aircraft that is being simulated for MSFS, with all its nuances and particularities.

A2A Simulations Comanche 250 MSFS 2
Note the reference materials on the left, used to accurately recreate the same experience on the virtual side.

You can read the full interview here, which includes the MSFS-specific images we share here and also a few more pertaining to other aspects of A2A’s work. It’s a short but very interesting insight into one of the most fascinating companies in the world of flight simulation, and it’s well worth a read!

While we hope to get some new updates from A2A in the coming weeks, look out for the second part of the interview in the next issue of PC Pilot, which should provide more details about A2A’s current and future efforts for Microsoft Flight Simulator.