A2A: “The Comanche is going to be wonderful” in MSFS

A2A Simulations is one of the few remaining high-level development studios that have yet to introduce their first product for MSFS. We know that will eventually change, after the studio announced a major development breakthrough in November that finally enabled the development of their Accu-Sim technology for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

After six months of silence, A2A has now returned with another confident statement: “The Comanche 250 is going to be wonderful“, says Scott Gentile, A2A’s owner. He acknowledges that the team has been strangely quiet, but it’s for a good reason: the development of the new Accu-Sim Comanche for MSFS is going well and they are getting very close to finally unveiling it!

Scott expected to have a development video prepared by now, but the team decided to implement an unknown new feature that ended up delaying things for a few more weeks. However, this delay should be worth it:

The downside is this last feature is adding 4-6 weeks to the development timeline, but what we are doing now is something I’ve always dreamed of doing on several levels. And it’s slowly becoming a reality on our dev machines.

Scott Gentile

A2A is clearly taking its time, which is to be expected considering the levels of detail and authenticity that made the studio famous over the years. Scott says the team has been inspired recently by what other developers have been able to put out for Microsoft Flight Simulator, which probably gives them even more motivation to carry on with their project and work towards a phenomenal simulation of the Comanche for MSFS.

The truth is that we have seen other developers perhaps getting inspired by A2A’s pedigree as well. Milviz, for example, got very much within Accu-Sim’s levels of authenticity with its recently released C310R, arguably the best GA airplane yet for MSFS and a genuinely immersive aircraft to fly. Wing42 did a similar thing with its vintage Boeing 247D, which is another kind of airplane that we’ve seen A2A work in the past. Inspiration goes both ways, it seems!

While this is a welcome update from A2A, there’s still no concrete evidence of the work the team is doing, so we’ll have to wait a few more weeks for something more tangible. Let’s hope the wait will be worth it!