A2A Simulations finally clears last hurdles, Accu-Sim Comanche 250 coming to MSFS

A2A Simulations has made a major breakthrough when it comes to development for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Finally, after more than a year since the release of MSFS, one of the best development studios in the history of flight simulation is finally ready to start the production line of their legendary Accu-Sim airplanes for MSFS!

As we reported before, A2A has been facing a major hurdle that has prevented the team from bringing their proprietary Accu-Sim technology to Microsoft Flight Simulator. It’s an essential step to get their brilliant piston-engine simulation in the sim, and this week we finally heard the news everyone was waiting for: all major blocks are cleared and the team can now properly plan for MSFS development.

The news came, as usual, through A2A’s Scott Gentile, who shared the update in the company’s official forums. Thanks to the work of developers Michal Krawczyk and Mark Smith, Accu-Sim is now a viable option to implement in MSFS, with the first successful tests already completed!

Today for the first time, I took off and performed a bunch of maneuvers in the air, came back with a nice flare and landed in an all-new Accu-Sim Comanche 250. All major roadblocks are cleared.

Scott Gentile, A2A’s CEO

Scott further reveals that, thankfully, during this dry period of development, they had their work with the US military to pay the bills, but during this time the team also made significant advancements to develop their Accu-Sim technology for turboprop and turbojet engines, an also exciting bit of news since, historically, these have been a sort of “weak” points in their product offerings. This paves the way for new types of Accu-Sim airplanes from A2A!

aerostar 10
The Aerostar 600 should come later to MSFS.

But before that, things will start with the Comanche 250, which is now in place to be the first A2A airplane to come to MSFS. Scott warns that this being brand new technology, systems and physics, the team will take longer to bring this first product to MSFS, which is why they choose an airplane that they’re very familiar with. Once the Comanche 250 is out, then things should start to accelerate, as the team sets up a nice Accu-Sim production line for MSFS.

For those unfamiliar with A2A Simulations, and why many simmers look forward to finally seeing them working with MSFS, here’s a bit of history. A2A is one of the oldest development studios in the industry, and has pioneered a particular way of doing things that has brought us some of the most engaging airplane simulations that we’ve ever seen. With their Accu-Sim engine, A2A managed to simulate the typical wear and tear of an engine through hundreds and thousands of hours of flights. This means pilots had to really care for their engine, maintain it over time and ensure its proper operation, or risk lower levels of reliability that could lead to a non-functional engine.

Over the years, A2A’s Accu-Sim simulation of a piston engine has led to the development of many iconic general-aviation airplanes, along with some warbirds and even vintage propliners like the Constellation. The possible introduction of Accu-Sim turboprop and turbojet airplanes is truly exciting news, and we can’t wait to finally start seeing what A2A has in store for us in MSFS. Thrilling times ahead!