SimSoft releases Punta Gorda Airport for MSFS

The home of the Florida International Air Show, Punta Gorda Airport, is now available as a custom creation for Microsoft Flight Simulator. SimSoft brings us a considerable improvement over the default airport, with more realistic buildings, textures, ground markings, etc.

Punta Gorda Airport (KPGD) is located in Florida, in Charlotte County. It handles primarily general aviation traffic, with dozens of movements per day, but has also recently started serving commercial traffic by Allegiant Air, covering a decent selection of destinations such as Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Chicago, or Columbus.

If you’re visiting Florida, Punta Gorda may be a good stopover as you explore the region. With three runways that can accommodate light aircraft to small airliners, there are plenty of opportunities to bring your favorite aircraft and visit this important local airport.

SimSoft promises a decent recreation of KPGD for Microsoft Flight Simulator, a nice improvement over the default scenery, with better buildings and structures, more accurate ground markings, correct taxiways and signs, and more.

Punta Gorda Airport from SimSoft is now available through Simmarket, priced at just around $10.

Following this release, SimSoft is already planning for a new airport, which will be quite far away from Florida. Oran Airport, in Algeria, will be in development soon and it will be coming with the new terminal, opened recently to accommodate the increasing traffic. SimSoft is aiming to launch this new airport for MSFS by the time the Mediterranean Games are taking place in Oran, which is just around a month from now.