Narita International Airport (Tokyo) released by Drzewiecki Design

Drzewiecki Design have released their first high-quality airport for Flight Simulator, and it’s a big one: Narita International Airport (RJAA), in Tokyo, which is Japan’s busiest airport and also a major cargo hub.

This is looking to be a great addition to the Japan World Update that was released for MSFS a few months ago, provided huge airports are your thing. It’s always a challenge to navigate around such a place with a big jet, and that’s a challenge that Drzewiecki Design wanted to make as realistic as possible. Their recreation of Narita aims to be as accurate and up-to-date as possible, with many details all over the airport.

And it’s not only the exterior that is modelled here. Some interior areas have also been worked on, like terminal buildings, controls towers (there are 3 of them here), and hangars, which include some static aircraft.

There’s plenty of busy international routes to and from Narita, like the connections with Paris, London, Rome or Frankfurt. If you like those long-haul flights in a 747, this may be a perfect choice to either departure or arrive from another major international hub.

Drzewiecki Design’s Narita International Airport is now available for around 25€.

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