KBOI Boise Airport is out for MSFS, a new release from Orbx

Orbx has released its rendition of Boise Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The busiest airport in Idaho, which also serves as a military airbase, is now available in a detailed fashion, ready to welcome virtual pilots visiting the mountainous state in the Pacific Northwest.

Boise Airport (KBOI) is an important aviation facility for Idaho. It’s by far the busiest airport in the state, serving 26 non-stop destinations across the United States, which include flights operated by major airlines such as Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Southwest, or Delta Airlines.

KBOI is a mixed civil-military airport, so expect to see more than the usual airliners landing and departing. The 124th Fighter Wing is based here, with its A-10 “Warthogs” operating in and out of the airport. A very cool sight along the customary Boeing and Airbus airliners.

Orbx KBOI Boise Airport MSFS 7

Orbx KBOI Boise Airport MSFS 6

Orbx KBOI Boise Airport MSFS 4

Orbx KBOI Boise Airport MSFS 3

Orbx KBOI Boise Airport MSFS 2

Orbx KBOI Boise Airport MSFS 1

Orbx KBOI Boise Airport MSFS 9

Orbx KBOI Boise Airport MSFS 8

Boise Airport’s most distinctive feature is the ATC tower, once the tallest building in Idaho. Although no longer holding that record, it’s still an imposing figure in the area, standing at 295 feet tall.

Orbx is now bringing to MSFS a custom-built scenery of Boise Airport, featuring the studio’s usual attention to detail, high-quality modeling and texturing. A cool addition to KBOI is a selection of static military aircraft, which include detailed A-10 Thunderbolt II models.

KBOI Boise Airport is now available from Orbx, priced at just around $12.

Main Features:

  • Detailed depiction of Boise Airport
  • Custom groundpoly
  • PBR textures
  • Custom military static models