The Fenix A320 gets a performance boost with the latest update

Fenix Simulations continues hard at work improving what is already a fantastic product. The A320 launched with aplomb just a couple of weeks ago, but the team has already issued a quick initial patch to fix some critical issues preventing simmers from installing the aircraft, and now also a second update that brings some broader enhancements – including a very welcome performance boost!

If there’s been any criticism about the Fenix A320, it’s been about performance. It’s a very complex aircraft, full of detail in its systems and continuous calculations for the automation that powers the Airbus. Besides, Fenix did a phenomenal job with the visuals. Add a high-quality airport, and we have the perfect combination for a stutter fest in less powerful systems.

If you could use a few additional FPS with the Fenix A320, then the latest patch, available now through the Fenix App, has the potential to be good news. Fenix reports performance improvements that average 16% higher frames per second on average, with up to 25% improvements on some systems. Additional gains can be achieved by lowering the texture quality in the cockpit, a new option that should help those with lower amounts of VRAM.

Fenix A320 patch msfs 2
It’s a beautiful environment, but it comes at a cost…

With this latest version, simmers should also expect to see improved stability in the product, with fewer crashes during startup and better EFB behavior. Also, for some reason, Dave is no longer allowed to use the microwave. These are the main things worth noting:

  • More performance improvements (up to 25% w/ an average of 16% across our testers
  • CPU on Quality/Balanced showing the most improvement)
  • Installer fixes/improvements
  • Lots of crash fixes (start-up etc.)
  • Better panel state behavior (spawning at gate will be really cold & dark now)
  • Keyboard F/CTL support added, we’re continuing to work on hardware bindings etc.
  • Added cockpit texture quality option to reduce VRAM usage (low VRAM cards will see FPS improvements from this)
  • EFB general stability and load-in improvements, pushback fixes among others

A full changelog is available in the Fenix App, from where simmers can also grab this latest version.

Fenix expects to continue working on further stability and performance fixes for the near future, while also preparing for the stages ahead. The team plans to tackle all the things that have been reported before moving on with new features and improvements, such as better external engine modeling, autoflight enhancements, and so on.

After the current CFM A320 is up to a state that matches everyone’s expectations, Fenix will look into expanding the product with new options such as winglets, new engines, and so on. And for what the future reserves… no one knows! Yet…