Black Square and Just Flight tease the Velocity XL for MSFS

Black Square, the developer behind the Real Taxiways series for Microsoft Flight Simulator, is about to bring to market a brand new product, an aircraft this time. The Velocity XL, an American kit airplane with a canard and pusher configuration, a similar design to the Long-EZ, is now well-advanced in development and is currently expected to be released later this month!

The news came directly from Just Flight, who will be publishing this product once it’s ready, and is followed by an initial selection of images showing the model of the Velocity XL both inside and out. In these, we can see what appears to be a nicely detailed work with visuals, especially in the cockpit, where the look and feel of the ambiance seem to fit well with other existing airplanes in this category.

Just Flight Velocity XL MSFS 10

Just Flight Velocity XL MSFS 9

Just Flight Velocity XL MSFS 8

Just Flight Velocity XL MSFS 7

Just Flight Velocity XL MSFS 6

Just Flight Velocity XL MSFS 5

Just Flight Velocity XL MSFS 4

Just Flight Velocity XL MSFS 3

Just Flight Velocity XL MSFS 2

Black Square is modeling a top-spec Velocity Xl, with a 400hp Continental engine capable of powering the aircraft up to 24.000 feet and a cruising speed of over Mach 0.5. With these specs and a range of over 1.600 miles, the Velocity XL may be a good alternative to existing turboprop business airplanes.

Just Flight promises to share more details about this project soon. For now, we can see that Black Square is implementing the stock G3X avionics suite, but there’s certainly more to learn about this aircraft. With a release date estimated for just a few weeks from now, we’ll soon see what Black Square will be bringing to the selection of single-engine airplanes currently available in MSFS.