Orbx releases KCRW West Virginia International Yeager Airport for MSFS

Orbx has a brand new airport to show for Microsoft Flight Simulator, continuing to expand its ever-growing portfolio all across the world. After a nicely detailed rendition of Prague Airport, the Australian team has now turned to the United States, with the re-creation of KCRW Yeager Airport, in West Virginia.

KCRW opened its doors after World War II, some 6 km east of Charleston, as Kanawha Airport. Its current name was adopted in 1985, in memory of General Chuck Yeager, the first pilot to break the sound barrier, in the Bell X-1.

Nowadays, Yeager Airport serves some domestic destinations, with routes operated by American, Delta, Spirit, and United Airlines.

KCRW sits atop a mountain, with a ravine immediately after both ends of the 6302ft-long runway. This makes for some nerve-wracking approaches, with no margin for error. Be very careful with those long landings!

KCRW Yeager Airport MSFS 3

KCRW Yeager Airport MSFS 2

KCRW Yeager Airport MSFS 9

KCRW Yeager Airport MSFS 8

KCRW Yeager Airport MSFS 7

KCRW Yeager Airport MSFS 6

KCRW Yeager Airport MSFS 5

KCRW Yeager Airport MSFS 4

As usual, Orbx appears to have put a lot of care into this scenery, with beautiful modeling and texturing, custom jetways, static aircraft, and even a detailed terminal interior. Since this airport is also the home of the McLaughlin Air National Guard Base, you’ll see some C-130s Hercules parked in the scenery!

KCRW Yeager International Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available from Orbx Direct, priced at around $17.

Key Features:

  • High-quality PBR textures
  • Custom POIs for the surrounding area and Charleston downtown
  • Custom jetways
  • Dynamic night lighting
  • Custom groundpoly
  • Landside area recreated in high detail
  • Detailed terminal interior