FSDG releases Bremen Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator

FSDG is back with a new German airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After taking some time to create hundreds of landmarks scattered around the country, FSDG is now bringing us a detailed rendition of Bremen Airport (EDDW), in northern Germany.

Bremen Airport serves the area with international connections to other European countries, mainly southern destinations around the Mediterranean. More than 2 million passengers move through its gates in a typical year, flying with airlines such as Ryanair, Soundair, Lufthansa, and more.

The location where Bremen Airport still exists today has a rich aviation history that goes back more than 100 years. Civilian operations began before WWI to receive airships in the airfield. That never happened, but KLM began scheduling flights to Amsterdam in 1920. The airport would end up being completely destroyed during WWII, but was eventually rebuilt to become an important civilian aviation infrastructure for the region since then.

FSDG Bremen Airport MSFS 1

FSDG Bremen Airport MSFS 7

FSDG Bremen Airport MSFS 6

FSDG Bremen Airport MSFS 4

FSDG Bremen Airport MSFS 3

FSDG Bremen Airport MSFS 2

MSFS simmers can now experience Bremen Airport in the simulator in a way that the default scenery can not offer. FSDG got to work to build this scenery and they seem particularly proud of the end-result, calling EDDW “the best and most detailed scenery we ever created“.

The official product images look very good indeed! The airport looks very realistic and full of details, with custom buildings and vehicles, detailed textures, and good lighting. It should also be a perfect companion to FSDG’s Landmarks of Germany series and is compatible with the ultra-popular GSX Ground Services.

FSDG’s Bremen Airport for MSFS is now available for around €22.


  • Extremely accurate and detailed rendition of ‘Hans Koschnik’ International Airport, Bremen, Germany (EDDW)
  • Outstanding level of detail with fully customized airport vehicles and facilities
  • Ultra-realistic light environment and interior modeling
  • MSFS technologies (dynamic lighting, seasonal changes, reflective textures)
  • Compatible with all known add-ons including GSX and our Landmarks of Germany series
  • Includes custom GSX profile for further airport enhancements
  • Manual included