Concorde pricing is set at €34.95. Xbox release still on track

The DC Designs Concorde is fast approaching, in what is looking to be one of the most popular upcoming aircraft releases for MSFS. The hype is growing as we get weekly development updates from DC Designs, such as the very cool video from a few days ago that left many fans of the aircraft with goosebumps.

Seeing the Concorde fly in MSFS will certainly be a memorable moment, and DC Designs is promising a significant upgrade over their previous releases, as demonstrated by the complete re-creation of the fuel system of the Concorde, with all its 13 tanks, 160 fuel lines, 38 pumps and 34 valves connected to the respective switches on the flight engineer’s panel. This was the bulk of the development over the past few days, as revealed by the developer in the usual Friday development update.

But the most significant Concorde news of this week is the price. DC Designs revealed that the Concorde will be available at £27.99 / $39.99 / €34.95, with a slight discount available for existing owners of the P3D version.

DC Designs Concorde MSFS price 6

DC Designs Concorde MSFS price 5

DC Designs Concorde MSFS price 4

DC Designs Concorde MSFS price 3

DC Designs Concorde MSFS price 2

DC Designs Concorde MSFS price 1

As we reported before, the Concorde is also coming to the Xbox, despite some recent concerns that more complex airplanes may be facing some difficulties coming to the console due to persistent technical issues. However, in the case of the Concorde, DC Designs reaffirms that an Xbox release is still on schedule, since the airplane is not affected by the aforementioned complications.

As usual, we got a new set of images of the Concorde in MSFS, as progress moves ahead in the model and textures both on the inside and the outside of the aircraft. The flight deck is looking particularly striking, with the huge amount of buttons, switches and gauges that promise to get simmers busy once the Concorde is out. The latest estimate pointed for a release later this month, but given the ongoing nature of the project, we’re starting to feel this launch may be pushed back a few weeks. Time will tell, so stand by for further updates!