Aero Dynamics shares first images of the DC-10/KC-10 flight deck, Air Tanker version, and more!

It’s still hard to believe that the hugely promising Aero Dynamics KC-10/DC-10 for Microsoft Flight Simulator is going to be free, but it’s true! This ambitious undertaking has been slowly but surely coming into shape for the better part of two years, a progress that we have been following with great attention and continue to keep track of.

Aero Dynamics usually posts new development updates every three months or so. The last one, from June, didn’t come with significant new changes, even if the team continues to actively work on this project. Since many of those involved are also on active military duty aboard real KC-10 Tankers, work sometimes gets in the way of development for flight simulation.

Happily, there are some excellent news in the fresh new quarterly drop from the team, just revealed on their Discord, which features the first images of the DC-10’s flight deck, some exciting programming advancements, and a first look into the fantastic model of the Air Tanker firefighter variant!

Aero Dynamics DC 10 MSFS 7

Aero Dynamics DC 10 MSFS 6

Aero Dynamics DC 10 MSFS 4

Aero Dynamics DC 10 MSFS 5

Aero Dynamics DC 10 MSFS 3

Aero Dynamics DC 10 MSFS 2

There is a lot of new stuff to cover, so let’s get straight into it. The first to note is the first set of images featuring the DC-10-30F variant. So far, Aero Dynamics has been showing off just the KC-10 Tanker external model, but that changes now, as the team makes significant progress with the civilian freighter variant. Check below the first images of this model, which also previews some of the liveries that will come with the package.

Jumping to the interior of the DC-10, we finally get to see how the flight deck is starting to look! Aero Dynamics got a 3D scan of the cockpit, which enabled the team to replicate the space with great levels of accuracy. These first preview images look very good indeed, and, besides the detailed modeling, they also showcase the variety of instruments available in the DC-10’s flight deck and the possibility of swapping them according to user preference. Old-school and modern instruments will be available and configurable through the built-in EFB.

Aero Dynamics DC 10 cockpit MSFS 5

Aero Dynamics DC 10 cockpit MSFS 4

Aero Dynamics DC 10 cockpit MSFS 3

Aero Dynamics DC 10 cockpit MSFS 2

Aero Dynamics DC 10 cockpit MSFS 1

Aero Dynamics has also made significant progress with the systems and displays. Most notably, the team is integrating the aforementioned EFB in the aircraft, which promises to be a very useful tool, with features such as ground services management, checklists, Navigraph and SimBrief integration, OSM moving map, and more.

Finally, this development update also reveals a surprising new addition to the model list coming with the package: the DC-10 Air Tanker! This is a special variant of the DC-10 that has been converted into a firefighting aircraft. The Aero Dynamics rendition of this particular aircraft for MSFS will come with the ability to drop fire retardant. See below the first preview images of this awesome variant of the DC-10 and its firefighting capabilities in Microsoft Flight Simulator!

Aero Dynamics DC 10 Air Tanker firefighter MSFS 4

Aero Dynamics DC 10 Air Tanker firefighter MSFS 1

Aero Dynamics DC 10 Air Tanker firefighter MSFS 2

Aero Dynamics DC 10 Air Tanker firefighter MSFS 3

The Aero Dynamics KC-10/DC-10 package continues to be one of the most exciting projects currently in development for MSFS, evolving steadily and with visible evidence of the team’s progress. Aero Dynamics says there’s still a long way to go for the release, which is to be expected given the complexity of the aircraft and the team’s promises to deliver a high-fidelity simulation for MSFS. The next update should come in February. Stay tuned!