(New flight preview video!) The King Air in MSFS is about to get a lot better… but it will cost you

Update, September 1st – Leading up to the impending release, Black Square has shared a new video showcasing the new King Air’s abilities in flight. It’s a brilliant showcase of the level of depth and detail that this analog overhaul will bring to the beloved twin, which includes realistic instrumentation, failures, and even fully-working rain wipers! Watch the new video below and learn more about the whole project further down.

Black Square recently kicked off a new product series that promises to bring some of the default airplanes in MSFS to payware-level standards. The Grand Caravan was the first to get an “analog” intervention by the team, who added a ton of realism to the otherwise unremarkable Asobo model, coupled with the charming characteristics of steam gauge instrumentation.

Following that initial launch, Black Square is finishing its second Steam Gauge Overhaul, which is now coming to the King Air 350i. This airplane was born in MSFS with a complete glass cockpit and superficial systems simulation, two of the main reasons why it never got much traction within the community. That’s about to change with Black Square’s Analog overhaul, which was just previewed in a long and detailed video.

Black Square is putting a lot of work on the King Air, taking advantage of Asobo’s frankly excellent 3D model to create what seems to be a highly-authentic and engaging flying experience for MSFS pilots. With a completely new interior and, especially, that new panel filled with analog instruments, all coded with “extreme attention to detail“, the King Air is bound to become an airplane to take more seriously by the most demanding simmers. Check it out:

This video should clear any doubts about what exactly Black Square is doing to bring the King Air up to a whole new level. The sheer number of checklists that can be followed, thanks to the fact that every single button and switch in the cockpit actually works, definitely makes this airplane much more enjoyable.

Besides, the custom electrical system is a complete redesign, with fully working circuit breakers that are correctly connected to each respective component. Black Square has also implemented a robust system to simulate and deploy failures, which are either triggered based on a set of preferences defined by the user, or simply a natural occurrence after continuous mismanagement of the engine and other components.

Black Square should release the Analog King Air within the next couple of weeks. It definitely sounds like a tremendous improvement over the default King Air, but this mod will cost you: $38.99/€33.95. Owners of the Analog Grand Caravan will have access to a discount.

Black Square King Air Analog MSFS 7

Black Square King Air Analog MSFS 6

Black Square King Air Analog MSFS 5

Black Square King Air Analog MSFS 4

Black Square King Air Analog MSFS 3

Black Square King Air Analog MSFS 1

Black Square King Air Analog MSFS 2

It’s a steep price, and you’re not even getting a new exterior model (that’s entirely credited to Asobo). But, if everything else lives up to the promises being made by the developers, it may very well be a fair price for this product!

There’s a lot of new stuff coming to the King Air in MSFS, so make sure to watch the video above where you can it all in action. The official product page on Just Flight’s website is also worth a look, considering that it lists all the cool new features and tricks that will soon be available on the King air!