Just Flight shares stunning new images of the BAe 146 for MSFS

Just Flight isn’t resting on the laurels from the acclaimed release of the Hawk T1/A, which has been garnering some well-deserved praise after its release on MSFS a few weeks ago. The team is now focused on another very interesting new aircraft, a British jetliner, no less: the BAe 146.

Unveiled just a month and a half ago, the 146 has already been previewed with some great images and a long feature list. If previous Just Flight releases are of any indication, the 146 will be another tremendous aircraft in MSFS, and with the low number of truly great airliners, it will certainly be a very welcome addition to the platform.

Today, Just Flight shared a few striking new images of the short-haul quadjet, which show the very impressive texture work and PBR lighting across the entire model. With realism in mind, Just Flight is creating an aircraft that has seen its share of work, with the typical wear and tear that we should expect from an airframe that ended production in 2001.

Just Flight BAe 146 MSFS 3

While most of these new images represent the external model in a variety of angles and liveries, there’s also a charming cockpit shot that clearly shows the classic instrument panel and its steam gauges. This image also shows the 146’s EFB, the first time we see it, where it’s clear that it will enable payload management along with instant aircraft states and cabin announcements.

Just Flight says they will share a development update over the next few days, where we’ll learn how the work is progressing on the BAe 146. The team is looking to create a high-fidelity simulation of this airplane, with an extensive simulation of its systems, so development is expected to take its time. We will continue to follow this project and let you know of any future updates. Stay tuned!

Just Flight BAe 146 MSFS 8

Just Flight BAe 146 MSFS 1

Just Flight BAe 146 MSFS 7

Just Flight BAe 146 MSFS 6

Just Flight BAe 146 MSFS 5

Just Flight BAe 146 MSFS 4

Click to enlarge. Details everywhere!