Go for a scenic tour across Greece with Perfect Flight’s latest bush trips for MSFS

Perfect Flight continues quite busy creating guided bush trips for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Besides the official partnership with the MSFS team that has come to fruition with the Bush Trips and Discovery Flights that have been included in the latest World Updates, Perfect Flight continues to release some independently-created adventures across the world. This time, the developer has turned to Greece, the Craddle of Civilization.

This new package from Perfect Flight includes 3 new Bush Trips that will take you across the whole country. Along the way, you’ll get the chance to visit over 130 points of interest which, as usual, come with their respective photos and descriptions included in the Navlog.

These three flights, from Alexandria to Kalamata, Kalamata to Samos, and Samos to Thessaloniki, are effectively guided tours of Greece and its history, an idea that Perfect Flight has… perfected, since the release of MSFS.

Designed to be flown in the Cessna 172, these missions are easy to fly, says the developer, since you can both follow the flight plan in the PFD or listen to the voice instructions. Perfect Flight hopes that this can help simmers enjoy the beautiful greek landscapes below without having to micro-managing your flight path.

perfect flight greece bush trip msfs 2

As usual, Perfect Flight enables a wide range of customizations so you can tailor the experience to your preference. The missions can be flown in any weather conditions, season, or time of day, and there are no refueling restrictions.

With Greece’s diverse landscapes, from the coastlines and hundreds of islands to the snowy peak of Mount Olympus, there are many hours to enjoy exploring this scenery in MSFS, and this new product from Perfect Flight should be a great way to do just that.

Perfect Flight’s Greece Scenic Tour MSFS is now available for just around €10.00.

For other adventures from this developer, check the previously released The Andes, Caribbean Private Journey, USA Coast to Coast, or Flying Japan.

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perfect flight greece bush trip msfs 3

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  • 3 Bush Trips with over 130 points of interest. Each POI has photo and description available in the Navlog. Particular attention was paid to historical-geographical informations. Thus the journey becomes a real tour guide.
    – Greece Part 1 – From Alexamdria to Kalamata
    – Greece Part 2 – Kalamata to Samos
    – Greece Part 3 – Samos to Tessaloniki
  • Easy to fly – You can easily follow the flight plan from the PFD but you will receive also routing instruction as well. So enjoy beautiful views and incredible landscapes. Hours and hours of pure fun, indulging your passion for flying at the same time.
  • TTS technology. Missions take advantage of the Microsoft TTS technology and you will receive instructions and information about the flight by voice.
  • Custom Settings – You can fly the missions with preset settings or change weather, season, date and time. You can refuel the plane in any time.

Flights informations:

Greece – Part 1 Alexandria to Kalamata

  • Flight Length: 430 NM
    Flight Duration: 03:43
    Number of Legs: 7
    POIs: Alexandria Army, Veria, Naoussa, Edessa, Vegoritida Lake, Ampelia Amideou, Kastoria, Aristotelis, Neapoli, Grevena, Kipoureio, Metsovo-Chrysovitsa-Grevenitio, Ioannina Island, Ioannina, Kourenta, Sagiada, Ksamil, Corfù, Ioannis Kapodistrias International Airport, Benitses, Mesongi, Perivoli, Lakka, Antipaxos, Loutsa, Preveza, Aktion AB, Limni Voulkaria – Geese, Amvrakia Lake, Trichonida Lake, Missolungi, Missolonghi Airport, Antirrio, Rio, Patras, Kato Achaia, Kalogera Lagoon, Pinios Lake, Pyrgos, Epitalion, Kaiafas Lake, Lepreo, Meligalas, Kalamata Airport.

Greece – Part 2 Kalamata to Samos

  • Flight Length: 537 NM
    Flight Duration: 04:37
    Number of Legs: 8
    POIs: Kalamata, Archontiko, Kalamitsi, Oitylo, Porto Kagio, Karavas, Kithira, Hytra Island, Antikythira Island, Gramvousa Beach, Kissamos, Chania, Ioannis Daskalogiannis Airport, Georgioupoli, Rethimno, Bali, Heraklion, Nikos Kazantzakis Airport, Neapoli, Agios Nikolaos, Kalo Chorio, Pacheia Ammos, Sitia, Elasa Island, Kasos, Karpathos, Olympos, Saria Island, Prasonisi, Mesanagros, Limni Fragmatos Gadoura, Maritsa Airport, Rhodes, Seskli Island, Symi Island, Datça, Kos, Pserimos, Kalimnos, Kalymnos, Telendos, Leros Island, Leipsoi Island, Agathonisi Island, Samos.

Greece – Part 3 Samos to Thessaloniki

  • Flight Length: 421 NM
    Flight Duration: 03:37
    Number of Legs: 6
    POIs: Fournoi, Agios Kirykos, Karkinagri, Tragonisi, Mikonos Island, Marathi Lake, Mikonos, Mikonos Airport, Rineia, Ermoupoli, Syros – Seagulls. Gyaros Island, Kea Island, Marmaroxera, Markopoulo Mesogaias, Eleftherios Venizelos Intl, Acropolis, Elefsis, Megara, Porto Germeno, Erythres, Thiva, Yliki Lake, Tragana, Kamena Vourla, Molos, Lamia Airport, Lamia, Anavra, Nea Anchialos, Volos, Techniti Limni Karla, Larisa, Larisa Airport, Platamon, Katerini, Methoni, Thessaloniki, Makedonia Aiport.