EGPF Glasgow Airport is now available for MSFS, from Pyreegue Dev Co.

Pyreegue Dev Co. continues with its tour around Scotland, recreating the country’s most important airports for MSFS. After Edinburgh Airport, which launched earlier this year, it’s now time for Glasgow Airport (EGPF) to get a high-quality scenery recreation for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Glasgow Airport may just be Scotland’s second busiest airport, but it’s the main long-haul airport in the country and also the largest charter hub. More than 9 million passengers pass through the gates at EGPF each year, served by around 30 airlines to over 100 destinations all over the world.

Once again, Pyreegue delivers an impressively detailed scenery, which sits among the very best work from any airport developer for MSFS. EGPF has been recreated in its most up-to-date state, with an accurate overall layout, completely modeled terminal interiors, and many animations across the whole scenery, like the radar and rain effects on the windows.

Besides the highly detailed airport and everything in its premises, Pyreegue also created a number of surrounding features, such as hotels and parking lots. A comprehensive package that raises the bar for high-quality airports for MSFS.

EGPF Glasgow Airport is now available for MSFS, priced at $21.97.

Looking for an alternative recreation of Glasgow Airport for MSFS? Check the older but similarly priced version from UK2000, released almost a year ago.

Pyreegue Glasgow AIrport MSFS 10

Pyreegue Glasgow AIrport MSFS 9

Pyreegue Glasgow AIrport MSFS 8

Pyreegue Glasgow AIrport MSFS 7

Pyreegue Glasgow AIrport MSFS 5

Pyreegue Glasgow AIrport MSFS 4

Pyreegue Glasgow AIrport MSFS 3

Pyreegue Glasgow AIrport MSFS 2

Pyreegue Glasgow AIrport MSFS 1

Main features:

  • Completely modelled terminal interior with executive lounges (Lomond Lounge, Emirates Lounge, BA Lounge)
  • Custom Animated Jetways with dynamic hood. (2-axis jetways on stands 23-26/17 are non-functional until further SDK improvements)
  • Custom Ground polygons with hundreds of markings and accurate weathering
  • 2021 layout
  • Custom night lighting
  • PBR texturing on all objects
  • LODs and texture resolution optimized for smooth performance
  • Default ATC/AI Traffic integration
  • Parallax windows on key objects to simulate interior
  • Surroundings included, such as Holiday Inn hotels, Car Hire Village, Long Term Parking lots,
  • Customs Hangars, Nearby Farms, Glasgow Flying Club, Leading Edge Flight Training and many others.
  • Animated Radars
  • Window Rain Effects for terminal interior
  • Highly detailed ATC tower interior
  • EGEG Glasgow Heliport Included
  • Detailed Gama Aviation Hangar
  • Static Business Jets
  • Static airliners (Toggleable option)
  • Detailed fire training centre