Visit the beautiful Bora Bora islands in MSFS with VueloSimple’s latest airport

Bora Bora is one of those paradisiac destinations that is only within reach of a select few, a luxurious holiday destination that is also one of the most beautiful places in the world. Microsoft Flight Simulator launched with the promise of putting the entire world within virtual reach, so Bora Bora instantly became a possible location to fly in the sim, for those looking to see what the fuss is all about in the real world. Unsurprisingly, Bora Bora is a stunning location in MSFS as well!

If you’re curious about flying to these islands in French Polynesia, there’s only one airport serving the island, Motu Mute Airport (NTTB). It’s a small airstrip originally built during World War II, essential to bring the thousands of tourists that visit the islands across the whole year. With the default scenery being just a generic depiction of the runway with some unremarkable buildings around, VueloSimple saw the opportunity to create a more accurate airport, one that simmers could enjoy when arriving at the island for its realism and immersion.

VueloSimple’s Bora Bora Airport features proper Polinesia-style terminal buildings, whose interior has actually been modeled, accompanied by realistic vegetation everywhere, from small endemic flowers to hundreds of palm trees. Furthermore, the nearby port now has boats, which are used to take passengers to the main island.

Bora Bora Airport MSFS 4

Bora Bora Airport MSFS 3

Bora Bora Airport MSFS 2

Bora Bora Airport MSFS 1

Bora Bora Airport MSFS 10

Bora Bora Airport MSFS 9

Bora Bora Airport MSFS 8

Bora Bora Airport MSFS 7

Bora Bora Airport MSFS 6

With a custom recreation of the airport, VueloSimple hopes to draw attention to the stunning Bora Bora scenery in MSFS, which definitely deserves to be seen from above. The aerial imagery is quite beautiful here, especially the water masking that accurately depicts the turquoise shallow waters and reefs. It’s one of those places where you can just take off, fly around taking pictures and seeing the stunning beauty below, to finally land again in a very scenic airport just by the sea. Worth a look!

VueloSimple Bora Bora Airport is now available from Simmarket, priced at just under €10.00.

If you’re interested in other airports from this developer, check the previously released Ástor Piazzolla International Airport, in Argentina.