Orbx releases ENHF Hammerfest Airport, in Norway

Orbx has released a new airport for MSFS, a creation from the talented hands of Finn Hansen. It’s Norway’s Hammerfest Airport (ENHF), located well north of this nordic country by the town of Hammerfest, which claims for itself the title of the northernmost town in the world with over 10.000 residents.

Due to its location above the Arctic Circle, Hammerfest is a great destination to see the midnight sun during summertime, a period when it never gets dark. Winters are quite the opposite though, as the sun doesn’t rise above the horizon for some time, leading to some long, dark nights.

This unique location is served by one of Norway’s most popular regional airports. ENHF handles between 120.000 to 180.000 passengers each year, mostly flying aboard Dash 8-100s operated by Widerøe. The airport offers some truly challenging conditions due to its short runway, turbulent and mountainous surroundings, and the constant darkness of the winter months.

Developer Finn Hansen has a lot of experience working on these smaller Nordic airports, and Hammerfest Airport for MSFS appears to build on that talent. It looks to be a realistic recreation of this challenging scenery, with high-quality buildings and textures, a model of the interior terminal, static aircraft, and more. To make the whole scenery even more interesting, a few landmark buildings of the nearby town have been recreated, as well as circle-to-land lighting for RWY22. There’s also a helipad for helicopter pilots!

ENHF Hammerfest Airport MSFS 9

ENHF Hammerfest Airport MSFS 8

ENHF Hammerfest Airport MSFS 6

ENHF Hammerfest Airport MSFS 5

ENHF Hammerfest Airport MSFS 4

ENHF Hammerfest Airport MSFS 3

ENHF Hammerfest Airport MSFS 2.jpg

ENHF Hammerfest Airport MSFS 1.jpg

Hammerfest Airport looks to be another great airport to revisit the Nordics World Update, launched a few months ago for MSFS, which introduced significant improvements to the terrain in this region as well as many landmarks and points of interest worth discovering and exploring.

ENHF Hammerfest Airport is now available through Orbx Direct for €14,23 | £12.14 | $16.51.

Main Features

  • Accurate depiction of ENHF Airport
  • High-quality PBR textures
  • Custom terminal interior
  • Crisp orthoimage surrounding Hammerfest
  • Custom mini-cityscape of Hammerfest
  • Highly detailed LNG facility
  • Custom approach lighting for RWY 22 (circle-to-land)
  • Custom Statics