Fenix Simulations showcases the A320’s EFB in MSFS

The Airbus A320 simulation from Fenix Simulations continues to come to life at a steady pace, with the developers being generous with the development updates, letting us know on a regular basis how the project is going and what to look forward to. The latest update, published this week by Aamir Thacker, features the included EFB and what it’s capable of, showcases the impressive autoflight capabilities of the aircraft, and also some stunning liveries.

The EFB is the highlight of this update, and with good reason. While it’s was not initially expected to be available on the first release of the aircraft, development as a whole appears to be going quite well, which means some features can possibly come at an earlier stage than initially planned. While this doesn’t mean the EFB will be ready at launch, it is at least a good indication of the progress the team has been able to achieve.

The EFB in the Fenix A320 will apparently mimic the look and feel of a famous fruity model that is popular among pilots, with a high-resolution screen and an interface with easily accessible “apps” such as performance calculators for arrival and departure, Simbrief, Navigraph charts, an assortment of settings, and more.

Fenix A320 EFB MSFS 4

Fenix A320 EFB MSFS 5

As you can expect given their meticulous attention to detail, Fenix is simulating the actual discharge rate of the tablet’s battery, so you need to keep it charged, as in the real world. Not surprising considering that the team is painstakingly simulating the entirety of the A320’s underlying systems, such as the previously featured hydraulics and fuel.

A great bonus point is that you will be able to use your real tablet to work as the A320’s EFB!

Concerning the development of the airplane as a whole, Fenix is now eagerly anticipating the next platform update, Sim Update 6 (currently scheduled for release on October 19th), which will bring new changes to the aerodynamics, to then build on that foundation for the final polishments of the A320’s flight model.

The developers also seem pleased with the aircraft’s current autoflight capabilities. Amir shares an example of the tight Ponta Delgada’s RNAV X RW12 approach and how the A320 managed to closely follow the path while respecting the altitude and speed restrictions in place.

Fenix A320 exterior MSFS 5
Notice the streaks on the fuselage above the wing.

To wrap things up, we got a new set of images that continue to present the excellent work of the visual artists on the aircraft, from the streak signs on the fuselage caused by the airflow over the wings to a few highly detailed liveries that have recently been created for the aircraft.

The whole update can be read on the official Fenix Simulations blog, and is filled with small details that continue to impress. The Fenix A320 is looking to become one of the most detailed aircraft in MSFS, together with other impressive prospects such as the PMDG 737, iniBuilds A310, and maybe even the Flight Sim Labs A320!