Flight Simulator is coming to Xbox today. Here’s at what time it will be available in your region

This last week of July is bound to be a very special one for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Today, July 27th, MSFS will launch on the Xbox Series S|X, potentially welcoming millions of new simmers into the flight simulation community.

The levels of excitement are through the roof, similarly to what happened almost a year ago when MSFS launched on PC. Sleepless nights, days off work or even changing timezones (who didn’t move to Kiribati for a few moments in order to get to play it first?) were common at the time, but hopefully console players and simmers will have an easier time.

To make things easier and help you plan your day around the launch of MSFS on the Xbox, the Flight Simulator team revealed a handy little table with different launch times for several regions in the world. It seems to be launching to everyone at the same time, so prepare for an early rise or late sleep in some places.

Oceania’s and eastern Asia’s Xbox owners will arguably have the toughest time. It will be available in Sydney at 1AM… already on the 28th. But mostly everyone else will still be stuck in the past. Europe is expected to start playing by 4/5 PM, and North American’s will wake up with a fresh new toy to play with. Here’s a quick overview of the availability times:

flight simulator xbox release times

Remember, you can already pre-load MSFS on Xbox, so it should just be a matter of launching the sim and start playing once the time comes, whether you’re getting it through a standard purchase or with an Xbox Game Pass subscription.

For PC users of Flight Simulator, today will also be an exciting day. Sim Update V will be released with the promise of extensive improvements to the whole experience. Most importantly, everyone is expecting significant performance improvements, as well as a much improved and detailed world map, among many other exciting new features.