iniScene releases 58CA Hooper Heliport and Heathrow V2 for MSFS

iniScene is out in the last few days with two notable new releases for Microsoft Flight Simulator. One is an update to one of the busiest airports in the world, London Heathrow Airport, while the other is a cool new product: the iconic Hooper Heliport, in Los Angeles.

Heathrow gets detailed Terminal interiors and performance improvements

iniScene launched EGLL London Heathrow Airport a few months ago, bringing to the simulator a highly detailed model of the busiest airport in Europe. At the time, some users reported less-than-stellar performance with the scenery, which proved to be taxing to less powerful systems. Another complaint was the lack of certain features, such as poor night lighting or the lack of detailed interior modeling in some places.

Thankfully, iniScene listened to user feedback and went back into this project to add significant improvements in the areas that needed the most. With that in mind, a comprehensive free update for EGLL is now available (v2.00) and tackles most of the criticism that was initially made about this product.

iniScene EGLL Heathrow update v2 msfs 1.png

iniScene EGLL Heathrow update v2 msfs 5.png

iniScene EGLL Heathrow update v2 msfs 4.png

iniScene EGLL Heathrow update v2 msfs 3.png

iniScene EGLL Heathrow update v2 msfs 2.png

With London Heathrow V2, iniScene adds numerous details across the whole scenery. These include detailed interiors and night lighting in Terminals 5a, 5b, and 5c, which were arguably the most glaring omissions, but there are plenty of additional features elsewhere. The update is available now from your original vendor. New customer? EGLL London Heathrow Airport is available on sale as of today, priced at just £15.29 + tax through the iniBuilds store.

See below the full changelog for London Heathrow V2:

– Work conducted on improving performance
– Hilton Garden Inn bug fix
– Terminal 2b emissive improvements
– Terminal 5a detailed interior and improved night lighting
– Terminal 2 limited interior and improved night lighting
– Terminal 5b texture and geometry improvements, limited interior with improved night lighting
– Terminal 5c texture and geometry improvements, limited interior with improved night lighting
– Various Vehicle Path decals added
– Various Taxi-way decals added
– Improvements to T2 Construction Area
– Minor Improvements to T3 Landside detail
– Added custom Runway Exit Lighting (orange-green alternating)
– Added aprons and lines to Fire and Maintenance Area
– Added Landside detail for Cargo Terminal area
– Added lighting to T5 Industrial Area
– Changed gate 236 to 237 (including signage etc)
– Yellow lines now sorted under runway markings
– Added double-white line around parking/taxi boundaries
– Added parking position for G515 (fix for incorrect jetway being called at 516)
– Adjusted jetway rotation for G516 to prevent obstruction to VDGS
– Added exclude under Concorde model
– Rework of airline gate allocation

An iconic Los Angeles Heliport

iniScene also released today a brand new scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and it’s one that will be particularly appealing to helicopter pilots. LAPD’s Hooper Heliport (58CA), the world’s largest rooftop airport and home to 16 LAPD helicopters, is now available for MSFS.

It’s not often that we see new heliports being released for Microsoft Flight Simulator (the lack of a wider selection of helicopters must have something to do with it… but that’s changing!). iniScene is probably looking to cater to the increasing number of pilots using rotorcraft in MSFS, a number that is likely to increase dramatically by year’s end when the 40th Anniversary Edition of MSFS gets released with the much-awaited rotorcraft support and a selection of helicopter models as well.

Hooper Heliport is notable for its sheer size as a heliport, but also for its role as a base for helicopters patrolling the city of Los Angeles. So, there are plenty of flying opportunities here for simmers to explore the stunning city itself while practicing some procedures with a realistic heliport.

If this is the kind of flying that suits you, then you should find iniScene’s rendition of Hooper Heliport to be a highly-detailed and authentic product, which adds not only the heliport itself but also several notable nearby features such as obstacles, the Metro HQ building and helipad, Cesar Chaves and San Bernardino bridges, and more.

58CA Hooper Heliport is now available for a super-nice price, at just around $6. It’s available on the iniBuilds store but should also come to other vendors soon.

Hooper Heliport MSFS 7.png

Hooper Heliport MSFS 6.png

Hooper Heliport MSFS 5.png

Hooper Heliport MSFS 4.png

Hooper Heliport MSFS 3.png

Hooper Heliport MSFS 2.png

Hooper Heliport MSFS 1.png

Key Features:

  •  Highly detailed representation of Hooper Heliport, complete with 2 helipads (runway starts). 16 parking places (spawn points), detailed clutter, active windsocks/flags etc.
  •  Cesar Chavez and San Bernadino Fwy Bridges (fly under and landable)
  •  Metro HQ building with helipad
  •  Recreation of the adjacent railyard and train carriages
  •  Union Station modelled
  •  Obstacles around the Heliport modelled