Aerosoft Simple Traffic announced for MSFS, will show correct liveries for AI traffic

Aerosoft announced today a new product for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Candidly called ‘Simple Traffic‘, this add-on has just two jobs, as stated by Mathijs Kok on Aerosoft’s forums: (1) to show correct liveries and traffic routes, relevant to each airport and (2) to increase performance by using low polygon models of the default MSFS AI aircraft.

Simple Traffic may only have two features, but they are as straightforward as they can get. By showing the correct and relevant aircraft liveries on airports, simmers can expect a more immersive and accurate experience when seeing AI aircraft in Flight Simulator. So, expect to see Lufthansa airplanes in Frankfurt, or Delta’s in Atlanta, and so forth. No more airlines in places where they don’t make sense.

Secondly, by using the default MSFS models in their lowest polygon form, Aerosoft hopes to improve performance in complex scenarios such as big airports, especially when also using a complex aircraft.

And that is all. Nothing more, and nothing less. Aerosoft Simple Traffic will be available soon, priced at €12.50 (plus applicable tax). Updates will come regularly, possibly adding more supported airports and airlines.

For now, take a look at the simple trailer that was also revealed, which clearly shows what to expect from this product: