Aerosoft releases Wasserkuppe Airfield for MSFS, a historical gliding hotspot in Germany

Aerosoft has released yet another German scenery for Flight Simulator, this time developed by Stairport Sceneries. This latest release, Wasserkuppe Airfield (EDER), is a name that German aviation fans will recognize as a legendary location for aeronautical explorations in the country, particularly when it comes to gliding.

The Wasserkuppe is located in central Germany, and is the tallest mountain in the Rhön, at 950 meters high. For the last 100 years, it has been a staple for glider pilots, a place where many competitions were held and where many records were broken. In 1922, Arthur Martens became the first glider pilot to use an updraft rising along a mountain slope to stay aloft for a lengthy period of time, and went on to create at the Wasserkuppe the first glider pilot school in the world.

Since then, the Wasserkuppe has been used extensively as a place to build, test and fly light aircraft and gliders, an importance that still holds today. It is, therefore, a quintessential location for any glider pilot to go, and although there’s still no official glider support in MSFS, there are some community projects that are a nice alternative, such as the excellent and freeware Discus-2b.

The developers of this scenery for MSFS implemented the latest technologies made available in Flight Simulator to recreate this legendary place as accurately as possible. You will find the famous sloped runway, as well as several landmarks across the mountain, such as the Radome.

Depending on the time of the year that you visit this virtual iteration of the Wasserkuppe, you may find different static aircraft parked in the airfield, which should make for a varied experience. Additionally, if weather permits, you should be able to spot some gliders flying in the vicinity of the airfield.

Wasserkuppe Airfield is indeed quite an interesting location, and is now available for purchase through Aerosoft’s store. At just around 10€, it’s a no-brainer for any glider pilot looking to do some quality soaring.


  • Custom buildings covering the airfield and the surrounding area
  • Custom orthophoto covering the airport and surrounding
  • Seasonal animations for various objects
  • POI Radome and “Fliegerdenkmal”  included
  • Realistic runway slope profile
  • Custom static aircrafts depending on weather and season
  • Gliders flying in the vicinity (if weather permits)