Carenado teases Piper PA-28 Arrow for MSFS

Carenado shared today some beautiful images of their new upcoming airplane for Flight Simulator, the Piper PA-28 Arrow. It seems we will have some competition going in MSFS, seeing that Just Flight is about to release that same plane!

The Arrow is an elegant, single engine GA aircraft, which is still in production today after almost 50 years since its introduction. Carenado is releasing here a very good looking bird, as is tradition from the developer, but time will tell how it will compare with Just Flight’s version. They are both looking stunning, but the real difference will come down to how the flight models and systems compare.

There is no release date or pricing yet for Carenado’s Arrow. After all, the images were shared with just a “Ready to land!” message, which is promising. Stay tuned for further updates!